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Troubleshooting Skills: Developing Logical Thinking


This course consists of four lessons. The lessons in this course teach strategic troubleshooting skills that can be applied to the analysis of problems in any type of industrial system. This course teaches participants how to develop logical thinking and create a personal troubleshooting outlook that will prove valuable under any troubleshooting situation.


  • Define root cause problem solving.
  • Define troubleshooting and the basic steps involved in a general troubleshooting procedure.
  • Describe how to obtain information about a malfunctioning system.
  • Describe sources of information concerning normal operations.
  • Describe sources of information concerning the background of a problem.
  • State the relationship between a symptom and a cause.
  • Describe how to develop a trouble-shooting plan.
  • Describe the importance of using schematics while troubleshooting.
  • Describe steps necessary to repair the problem.
  • Describe steps that can be taken to prevent future trouble.
  • Explain the importance of a troubleshooting outlook.
  • Describe how to troubleshoot under pressure.
  • Describe the importance of experience in troubleshooting.

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