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WellSharp – Awareness Certificate Program

WellSharp – Awareness Certificate Program

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Included Modules

Well Control Awareness, Module 1: Exploration for Oil and Gas

Exploration for oil and gas discusses the difference between reserves of oil and gas and petroleum as a resource, how a reservoir is formed, what the characteristics of a viab...

Well Control Awareness, Module 2: Drilling Operations Basics

Drilling operations basics discusses the nature of drilling operations, the importance of subsurface conditions, why well bores change size, the three stages of drilling, why...

Well Control Awareness, Module 3: Basic Blowout Prevention Equipment

Basic blowout prevention equipment covers why controlling pressure in the well is important, the role of drilling fluid in controlling the well, BOP stacks and how they work,...

Well Control Awareness, Module 4: An Introduction to Drilling Fluids

Introduction to drilling fluids deals with the function of drilling fluids in drilling operations. The module covers the physical properties of drilling mud, the advantages of...

Well Control Awareness, Module 5: Controlling the Well

Controlling the well covers the steps involved in shutting in the well when a kick is detected, how closing in the well can be used to increase bottomhole pressure and stop fl...

Well Control Awareness, Module 6: Production of Oil and Gas

Production of oil and gas discusses the steps involved in preparing a well for production, what natural lift is and the types of natural lift, the principal types of artificia...

Well Control Awareness, Module 7: Petroleum Refining Process

Petroleum refining process discusses which molecules make up the different types of hydrocarbons, how contaminants in the oil are dealt with, why boiling points are important...

Course Overview

The Wellsharp Awareness level course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the concepts and importance of well control in the Oil and Gas industry. This course covers the discovery, drilling and development of oil and gas wells, as well as fundamental aspects of well control. Different drilling fluids, their uses, strengths and weaknesses are covered. Well control equipment, such as BOPs, manifolds, choke and kill lines are also discussed in the scope of the course. The importance of monitoring for kicks, how to detect kicks, and steps for shutting in the well is also included in the Awareness level course. Finally, the modules discusses the petroleum refining process .

This program includes an IADC accredited certificate. 

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