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WellSharp – Introductory Certificate Program

IADC WellSharp Introductory Level

WellSharp – Introductory Certificate Program

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Course Overview

The premise of Introduction to Well Control computer based training course is that every member of the rig crew should understand the fundamental principles of well control in order to obtain the highest degree of safety during drilling operations. This self-paced interactive multimedia program takes a rig hand through the basic concepts of well control in an easy to understand, straight-forward manner. 3D animations, graphics and other visual imagery are used to quickly communicate complex subject material to manpower with diverse technical backgrounds and language skills.

This program includes an IADC accredited certificate. Allows for one retake if first assessment score meets the minimum requirement.

Course Objectives

  • Well Control Equipment
  • Units of Measure
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Pressure Balance
  • Causes of Kicks
  • Controlling the Well
  • Restoring the Well
  • The Drillers Well Control Method
  • Wait-and-weight Control Method

Included Modules

  1. Well Control Equipment: This module covers why controlling pressure in the well is important, the role of drilling fluid in controlling the well, BOP stacks and how they work, and the function of other equipment used in well control activities. Instrumentation used in well control operations is also discussed.
  2. Units of Measure: Module 2 covers units of measurement used in the oil field, calculating surface area and volume, calculating pressure, and the definition of density and how it is measured.
  3. Hydrostatic Pressure: Hydrostatic pressure discusses the linear relationship between depth and pressure, how to calculate it, the importance of true vertical depth(TVD), and how the hydrostatic pressures in different sections of a well add to determine bottom hole pressure.
  4. Pressure Balance: Topics covered in this module are how the drill string and annulus can be represented as a U-tube, differences between normal, abnormal and subnormal formation pressures, and balancing formation pressures with hydrostatic pressure of the drilling fluid.
  5. Causes of Kicks: In this module, you will learn how to identify the different conditions that can cause a kick, describe how a kick develops, describe the warning signs and the indicators of kicks, and describe the effects of a gas kick.
  6. Controlling the Well: This module covers the steps involved in shutting in the well when a kick is detected, how closing in the well can be used to increase bottomhole pressure and stop flow, why responding quickly to a kick is important, and how migrating gas in a shut-in well effects surface and downhole pressures.
  7. Restoring the Well: The final module in the IWC series covers the special problems that kicks from shallow formations present, why maintaining constant bottomhole pressure is important when handling a kick, and the steps in two methods used to restore normal circulation.
  8. The Drillers Well Control Method: This module will begin with an overview of the Driller’s Method. Next, we’ll cover the Driller’s Method step-by-step. A specific example of an application of the Driller’s Method will be presented. Next, you will learn the two Driller’s Method rules, and the Driller’s Method Worksheet will be introduced. The module concludes by discussing calculations involving shut-in drill pipe pressure (SIDPP) and shut-in casing pressure (SICP), and an explanation of maximum shoe pressure.
  9. Wait-and-weight Control Method: This module begins with a general description of the Wait-and-Weight Method. Next, it covers the Drill Pipe Pressure Profile. The module then takes a detailed look at the Wait-and-Weight Method and discusses the Wait-and-Weight Method worksheet. The module concludes by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the Driller’s Method and the Wait-and-Weight Method.
*A one-year SkillGRID subscription is required for all new users, billed at $12/year.
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