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Basic Principles of Petroleum

Basic Principles of Petroleum

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Included Modules

Geology of Petroleum

Module 1 discusses how the physical structure of the earth was formed, what the earths crust is composed of, how the history of the earth is mapped, which processes are involv...

Exploration for Oil and Gas

Module 2 discusses the difference between reserves of oil and gas and petroleum as a resource, how a reservoir is formed, what the characteristics of a viable reservoir are, t...

Drilling Operations Basics

Module 3 discusses the nature of drilling operations, the importance of subsurface conditions, why well bores change size, the three stages of drilling, why different drilling...

Production of Oil and Gas

Module 4 discusses the steps involved in preparing a well for production, what natural lift is and the types of natural lift, the principal types of artificial lift, the types...

Petroleum Refining Process

Module 5 discusses which molecules make up the different types of hydrocarbons, how contaminants in the oil are dealt with, why boiling points are important to the refining pr...

Transportation, Distribution and Delivery of Oil and Gas

Module 6 discusses why two basic transportation streams are used, how natural gas is transported, distributed and delivered, how crude oil is also transported, distributed and...

Marketing Petroleum Products

Module 7 discusses what the three marketing sectors of petroleum are, which forces control the nature of the petroleum market, where the major producers and major consumers ar...

Course Overview

This course is designed for students who require a basic understanding of the petroleum industry to perform their jobs. It provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the basics of upstream and downstream activities. Students will learn how hydrocarbon deposits are formed, explored for, and produced. Next, students will learn how crude oil and gas are converted from a raw material to finished product and delivered to markets, or traded worldwide, as a commodity.

Course Objectives

  • Geology of Petroleum
  • Exploration for Oil and Gas
  • Drilling Operations Basics
  • Production of Oil and Gas
  • Petroleum Refining Process
  • Transportation, Distribution and Delivery of Oil and Gas
  • Marketing Petroleum Products
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