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HSE: Health and Hazards


This course covers certain types of hazards that are present in the oil and gas production workplace, as well as the difficulties of transporting hazardous materials. We also cover general health and first aid, and the responsibilities of those in the workplace regarding industrial hygiene, bloodborne pathogens, and planning for emergencies.


  • Types of hazards
  • Transportation and release of hazardous materials
  • Responsibilities involving industrial hygiene hazards
  • General health and first aid; Bloodborne pathogens
  • Health and adverse weather
  • Health and wildlife
  • Planning for emergencies and alarms

Complete Course

(includes all 12 modules)

  • HSE: Health and Hazards


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  • Occupational Health: Overview and Employee Responsibility

  • Health and First Aid Course: General

  • Hazard Communication: Types

  • Hazard Communication: Spill and Release

  • Occupational Health: Hazards at the Work Site

  • Health and First Aid Course: Pathogens

  • Health and First Aid Course: Staph

  • Health and First Aid Course: Adverse Weather

  • Health and First Aid Course: Wildlife Safety

  • Emergency Response: Planning for Emergencies

  • Emergency Response: Alarms

  • Hazard Communication: Transportation

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