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Wireline Operations


The Wireline course offers detailed insight into what Wireline is and what it is used for. This course has been dynamically structured to promote the easy learning of some of the most complex techniques in oilfield drilling. Students of this course will not be taught to only memorize definitions and terms, but will be shown why certain tools and techniques are used. This allows for a deeper understanding of the material, and better overall course quality. This course will show how Wireline developed along with the tools and technology that are utilized by engineers all around the world. Students are also made aware of proper tool handling techniques to insure the safety of not only themselves, but of all those around them making a more productive and profitable work place. We understand that effectively building confidence in the way students properly and safely handle tools will pay off almost immediately.


  • What formations are and how they are formed
  • How hydrocarbons are formed
  • How hydrocarbons become trapped in a formation
  • Formation evaluation and how it can help recover hydrocarbons
  • Why evaluation is important and how it impacts drilling operations
  • Define and describe Wireline Logging
  • Present a brief history of wireline logging
  • Describe the different types of wireline logging and their uses
  • Describe formation evaluation and its importance
  • How formations are evaluated using openhole wireline tools
  • How each type of wireline tool measures formation properties
  • How each tool provides different and critical information
  • What a cased hole tool is
  • The types of cased-hole tools
  • What cased-hole tools are used for
  • Attachment of tools to the wireline
  • Lowering tools into the hole on a wireline
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Well Intervention Equipment
  • Basic wireline tool safety
  • Specific safety procedures associated with hazardous tools
  • Pressure control when operating a wireline
  • Wireline’s role in oilfield development
  • Computer modeling
  • The importance of predictive modeling and simulation

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