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Technology Hotspot Portal


PetroEd presents oilfield innovations through our Technology Hotspot portal.  Our featured release is a drillstring valve developed by a Houston start-up.  Achieve ROP > 250 ft/hr in horizontal wells!

Energize Your Powerpoint Presentations


PetroEd is empowering oilfield professionals with best-in-class multimedia: technical animations, graphics, and more.

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SkillGRID® Manages Workforce Competency


The SkillGRID CMS is a powerful tool for managing and confirming the proficiency of your workforce. With a built-in hierarchy for candidate, assessor and verifier, this easy-to-use platform can be configured for the unique attributes of your workforce. Administrators and managers can quickly build competency maps for each position as defined in SkillGRID.

Multimedia Content Simplifies Learning

PetroEd eLearning courses present complex technical processes using the latest in multimedia modeling and instructional design. This results in delivery of engaging content that resonates with the visual learning styles of today’s modern workforce. Our innovative XMp deployment interface helps us respond to changing technologies and industry demands of computer-based learning initiatives in a multi-cultural and multi-deployment setting.

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