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SkillGrid® CMS

The SkillGRID Competency Management System is a powerful, easy-to-use platform for managing and confirming the proficiency and unique attributes of your workforce.

esperant™ Multi-language UI

The esperant™ multi-language user interface (UI) offers a proven technology for delivering eLearning courses that support language localization.

IADC WellSharp

Every member of the rig crew should understand the fundamental principles of well control in order to obtain the highest degree of safety during drilling operations.


Sponsored Initiative | SafetyNode® is committed to providing innovative industrial safety solutions that deliver immediate impact: sustainable and quantifiable.


Integral to the SkillGRID® platform, the TalentCache portal automates the job candidate selection process by using eLearning to prequalify candidates before they are selected for interviews.

Instructors Digital Assistant™

IDA ties directly into your SkillGRID account to provide industry leading multimedia for use in you or your company’s presentations and eLearning. Browse over 7,500 high quality images and animations using your SkillGRID account.

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