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SkillGRID® CMS (Competency Management System)

SkillGRID® CMS (Competency Management System)

  • On April 30, 2015

SkillGRID as a Competency Management Solution

The SkillGRID CMS is a powerful tool for managing and confirming the proficiency of your workforce. With built-in modes for candidate, assessor and verifier, this easy-to-use platform can be configured for the unique attributes of your workforce.

Administrators and managers can quickly build competency maps for each position as defined in SkillGRID.

eLearning modules can be selected from the PetroEd library, your internal resources, or another third-party source. KSAs can be easily imported from existing sources, and added to or modified as required.

Candidates can indicate their readiness to be assessed. An assessor can approve or not approve completion of the competency element, and set a course for remediation if required.



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