Texas Education Agency (TEA) Approved eLearning Course

― WHY OIL & GAS? ―

Jobs.  Among the top 25 highest paying jobs not requiring college education, oil and gas dominates.

PetroEd has created an Oil and Gas Production I course for students who want to be job-ready after high school graduation.  After completion of Oil and Gas Production I, students have the option to be entered into the TalentCache® job database.  TalentCache will be used by employers to find new oil field talent.


Oil and Gas Production I includes over 55 modules relevant to working in the oil and gas industry. The modules were developed by the industry's leading companies and were selected based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements for the course.


― Certification ―

RigPass® is designed to certify entry-level workers for basic knowledge of and safe work practices around oil and gas platforms.  The course is governed by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), an international, industry consortium of oil and gas drilling companies. The certification is accepted around the world as the standard for required training.

RigPass will provide certified students with a competitive edge when entering the job market.  As all companies require this certification for new employees, corporate employers look for candidates who have shown the discipline to earn the certificate prior to the interview. 



Integral to the SkillGRID® platform, the TalentCache portal automates the job candidate selection process by using eLearning to prequalify candidates before they are selected for interviews. With TalentCache, a hiring manager can rank candidates according to their assessment results, resulting in a higher-quality candidate pool, and a simpler hiring process.