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Slickline Operations


Slickline Operations introduces the techniques and technologies involved in working with slickline and braided wireline. The course covers wireline jars and jarring operations, surface equipment, basic wireline tools, and applications specific to gas lift operations. Slickline Operations supplies a firm foundation knowledge of the practices and terminology that benefits not only new personnel in the field, but also those in administrative and support roles. This course comprises five computer-based training modules, each representing two hours of instruction and exercises. A reference dictionary of terms and abbreviations common to slickline operations is also included.

Course Author: Bob Taylor


  • Types and Applications of Wireline and Slickline.
  • Major Components of the Wireline Toolstring.
  • Safe Deployment and Operation of Equipment.
  • Basic Wireline Tools.
  • Gas Lift.
  • Abbreviations for Slickline Operations.

Complete Course

(includes 6 modules)

  • Slickline Operations


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  • An Introduction to the Basic Wireline Tools

  • An Introduction to the Types and Applications of Wireline and Slickline

  • An Introduction to the Safe Deployment and Operation of Equipment

  • An Introduction to Gas Lift

  • An Introduction to Abbreviations for Slickline Operations

  • An Introduction to the Major Components of the Wireline Toolstring

  • Slickline Operations

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