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HSE: Specialized Work Procedures


In this course we cover types of hazardous energy, lockout and tagout procedures, and different work permits. We also discuss employee’s responsibilities when working in confined spaces, at heights, and while hoisting or lifting objects.


  • Hazardous energy.
  • Lockout and tagout.
  • Work permits.
  • Confined space and working at heights.
  • Hoisting and lifting.

Complete Course

(includes all 6 modules)

  • HSE: Specialized Work Procedures


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  • Specialized Procedures: Hazardous Energy

  • Specialized Procedures: Lockout Tagout

  • Specialized Procedures: Work Permits

  • Specialized Procedures: Confined Space

  • Specialized Procedures: Heights

  • Specialized Procedures: Hoisting and Lifting

  • HSE: Specialized Work Procedures

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