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Crane Safety


Crane Safety tackles the broad subject of offshore pedestal cranes and their safe operation. Students learn to identify the key components of cranes, and to recognize the importance of proper maintenance. The course explains crane capacity charts, and the process of calculating safe working loads. The effective use of a uniform set of hand signals is discussed, and standard hand signals are demonstrated for the student by digital video. Crane Safety is a crucial subject for rig personnel, and useful knowledge for anyone concerned with rig operations. This course comprises two computer-based training modules, each representing over an hour and a half of instruction and exercises


  • Identify the components of a crane.
  • Distinguish between lattice, box, and telescoping booms.
  • Review basic crane maintenance requirements.
  • Explain the qualifications and duties of a crane operator.
  • Communicate using standard hand signals.
  • Follow standard procedures before, during, and after a lifting operation.
  • Calculate a safe working load using a lift capacity chart.

Complete Course

(includes both modules)


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