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General Petroleum Library

The General Petroleum Library presents students with a clear picture of the most fundamental concepts in the oil and gas industry. Every day millions of barrels of oil are consumed across the world to fuel vehicles and produce many useful products. It is the petroleum industry that brings oil and natural gas out of the ground, turns it into useful products, and distributes these products. To accomplish this, reservoirs are evaluated on the characteristics of a formation and volumetric calculations must be made. On the rig, knowledge of relevant equations and math skills will be required of workers, as they must be comfortable making frequent calculations involving weights, volumes and pressures to work effectively.

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  • Basic Oilfield Mathematics

    Basic Oilfield Mathematics (3)

  • Basic Principles of Petroleum

    Basic Principles of Petroleum (7)

  • Reservoir Engineering Primer

    Reservoir Engineering Primer (3)

  • Wireline Course

    Wireline Course (7)

  • GP_WLN

    Wireline Course

  • GP_BPP

    Basic Principles of Petroleum

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